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Danny | Jan 27, 2006 02:02 PM

WOW. I cannot believe that this beautiful setting, catering to the 'beautiful' people, serves such mediocre food with mediocre service. I must say, a more fitting name would be Eight Renolounge because they did an amazing job transforming it from Roxy! But this is NOT a good restaurant. Do not waste your money here if it is great food you are in search of. Eight is great to go for drinks or to eat "room service' food. You know when you stay at a nicer hotel and fall prey to room service....the food is a bit cold, a bit chewy, but the taste and quality is high. That was our meal. And the kitchen really didn't know what to do about it. 7 of us went for a birthday dinner and none of us were the food. We had a great time though. The setting was awesome and was often the topic of conversation. Between the chandelier and the cozy room and the constant buzz and mingling, the social part of the experience could not have been better. The amuse bouche of fried oyster and thai chili sauce was a real treat to begin. We went on to enjoy different starter salads and one person ordered the carpaccio - it was all fresh and tasty...although standard. The house-bread to accompany was by far a highlight. Then dinner was served. Presentation was flawless, but here is where the evening turned. And let me add at this point that our table included a couple of regular, (and known) people to the restaurant. Not to mention that the bar bill was rapidly climbing. The food was simply average and thus over-priced. My wife and I both ordered the seafood ravioli. It came cooler than room temperature and the shrimp was a bit chewy and strong tasting. We talked about sending it back but decided to just keep it and not make a fuss. BUT, when the waiter came by after a few bites and asked how our dinner was, we realized that we had to tell him it wasn't hot the cool temperature destroyed any potential to enjoy it. The waiter acted perfectly and insisted that he get that fixed for us as he grabbed our plates away. 10 minutes later the waiter returned and asked us to help him figure out whose plate was who. We could not believe it. They reheated our dinners and brought them back to us not even knowing whose was whose. The shrimp which was chewy at first, was now disgusting and the scallops were no longer palatable. The pasta held up and the sauce was really very hot. For the price of that dish, and the wines and champagnes we were drinking, you would think they could have made new ones for us to ENJOY! And of course the waiter said nothing when he cleared the plates that still had the shrimps and scallops on them. The birthday boy was then treated to a delicous little plate of assorted chocolate items with a couple of candles. NOBODY was offered coffee or dessert. We all watched him eat his desert until he had enough. Then his plate (with his one fork) was embarrassingly passed around to those that werent grossed out too much to keep them from tasting what he said was a highlight. We caught the waiter off-guard and ordered some coffees and STILL there was no mention of deserts by him. The bill came and sure enough the two seafood ravili dishes were right there on it. yes the place is new, and that is exactly why they should have apologized and remade our dishes and they could have stood to comp them as well. Because now, we wont be back.

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