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Is all 100% grass-fed beef pasture-raised?

damian | Feb 3, 201211:35 AM

I'm wondering: Is all 100% grass-fed beef pasture-raised? Does grass-fed necessarily mean that the cows roam a ranch eating live grass from the ground? Or is it sometimes applied to cows kept in stalls fed dried (or fresh-cut) grass?

I'm trying to figure out whether grass-fed beef is truly pasture-raised across the board, or whether I need to research individual farms to know which use pasture-raising and which ones don't.

PLEASE don't respond with comments like, "Why don't you just contact the farms?" or "I'm guessing that some do, some don't" or "It all depends what suppliers are available in your area" or "You're better off buying meat that explicitly says pasture-raised" or "Don't worry about it." No offense, but those sorts of answers are unhelpful time-wasters. Please respond only if you have some solid, preferably cited, information that can help me find an answer to my question. Sorry if I'm sounding grumpy here, but I've participated in other chowhound discussions in which my inbox got flooded with unhelpful responses like these that I wasted time reading, so I'm trying to preempt as much fat as possible in this thread.

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