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It's a 100 degrees - Tomato Soup and BLTs!

chef chicklet | Jun 11, 200809:08 PM

Sorry Jeff, I walked away, there seems to be some issues with editing these days. Oh well.

Like I was saying, I am one of those crazy people that loves hot soup, chili (any bean soup) or legumes, anytime and if we're having hot weather, its still not a problem. For some reason the soup seems to cool me down, but whatever the reasons, I get cravings for these comforting soups weekly.

I was watching Emeril the other night with one eye, and he was making a tomato soup and grilled cheese. I missed what kind of tomatoes he used, fresh or canned. But anyway the end result looked delicious and easy.
I've never made homemade Tomato Soup before and I have often seen my hubby adding dried basil flakes to a canned version. So I got an idea....

Creamy Tomato Soup with Basil Oil

1-28oz can whole organic tomatoes juice too. Or fresh! – if using fresh, blanch and peel first, remove the seeds and rough chop, save the tomato water using a sieve!
1-32 oz carton organic chicken broth (it’s not as salty)
½ med white onion chopped and sautéed until translucent
1 T sugar or a little more, depends on the aciditty of the tomatoes-add til it taste good to you.
(1/3 cup of grilled caramelized onions -these were left over caramelized grilled onions from dinner the day before,adding sweetness aqain)
Sea Salt and Fresh cracked black pepper to taste

To begin with,*Sauté the fresh onion in a little olive oil first of all, you want this ready when you begin to construct the soup.

Put the broth in a pot, heat up on high, add the tomatoes let it all boil, cut the heat down, turn on low, let it simmer, salt and pepper to taste. You now have a soup pot of chicken broth with a can of tomatoes and its juices, salt and pepper that's it.
Add the sauteed onions. Reduce the heat; let it all simmer for about 20 minutes. Taste the tomato and chicken broth mix; I needed to add salt and sugar. (Probably about 1 T or a little more)

Turn the soup off. Let it cool down. Once it’s cool, take the pot and place it inside the sink, whirl it with the boat motor. Placing the pot in the sink, you can actually see inside better, & manipulate the blade, this is so much easier. I wanted a creamy smooth soup without chunks, so it took me about 5 minutes to puree the tomatoes to a nice smooth texture.

After I pureed the soup I put a lid on the pot, let it rest and then was off to make the basil oil.

Into a blender (with a lid)
1 cup of fresh basil leaves- some stems
1/3 cup of olive oil
3-Large garlic cloves chopped – don’t worry the blender will take care of it. Pulse, blend, whirl, make it smooth. Salt and pepper/ we’re basically making pesto without the pinon nuts and parmesan. Which would be fine also, but would take the soup another direction and I wasn’t going for an Italian zuppe!
After making the basil oil, I placed it in a tiny pitcher with a cute little spoon to add at the table. You can use whatever you want, a Guy Fieri squeeze bottle will work too.
Once the soup was cool, I strained the soup, this removes any chunks or bits of tomatoes that didn’t get pureed.

Put the pureed soup back on the stove, heat it up slowly. Add about ½ cup of half and half or cream, once the soup is fairly hot (do not boil or it will curdle the cream) Ladle the soup into bowls
I added a little puddle of cream and a circle of drops of basil oil to the top, then finished it off with fresh cracked pepper. This soup has a wonderful future! I see me using it many different ways. My husband dropped a handful of grated cheddar cheese in the babies bowl along with pieces of bread dipped in the basil oil- he wanted seconds and he’s 2 ½!

I’ve looked at several recipes, but I think the difference is adding caramelized onion and the basil oil, that’s what made this soup dynamite!

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