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10 Warning Signs Before You Visit... (moved from Tristate)


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10 Warning Signs Before You Visit... (moved from Tristate)

billyparsons | Jul 6, 2007 08:26 AM

Originally I wanted to start a post of the “10 Worst” in Westchester. But fearing it might be removed, I decided to start a post of some of the tell tail signs of the worst. Here’s my first 10. I would love to see some additional ideas from other posters.

1. Silverware. Did they skimp here? If it’s diner quality forks and knives, you’re better off at the diner.

2. Stemware. Are they serving wine in a nice wineglass? Or is it a 6oz. “fill to the top” Libby glass. If it’s the latter of the two, expect yourself to buy wines that are worth less than $3 per bottle. Any restaurant that takes their wine serious invests in decent stemware.

3. Napkins? Open yours up and fold it into a triangle. Does it fold evenly? Again, X20 on the Hudson uses White Plains Linen. No skimping – anywhere. When a restaurant skimps on such a small detail, think they won’t do it with other things?

4. Rail Liquor. Are they serving Red Roses whiskey for their house liquor? Restaurants that seek out the absolute cheapest liquors, do the same with food. Always.

5. Bathrooms. Always check the paper tissue. Skimping here saves the restaurants a few pennies but sends out a clear message as to what the think about their patrons.

6. Hand Towels? If the bathroom has a blower that blows all the germs around while drying your hands, run.

7. May I see the kitchen? Just ask. Even if you could care less. If the response is sure, smile and say thanks. If they say Insurance doesn’t allow it, they’re lying. The health department allows patrons in the kitchen anytime if accompanied by an employee. Never trust a restaurant that won’t let you see the kitchen. P.S. If they say it’s illegal, ask them how over 50 restaurants in NYC have tasting tables in the kitchen.

8. Chef? Is there an executive chef that staffs the kitchen? If a kitchen is staffed by 5 non-english speaking guys, chances are they’re working strictly for a paycheck, not for their love of food. This translates directly to the food.

9. Bread deliveries. Does the restaurant allow delivered bread to sit by their front door until someone gets around to opening the place up? I like to know my food is safe and not tampered with.

10. Advertising? Pick up an issue of Clipper magazine. I love to read it. It let’s me see which restaurants aren’t doing well. Not true you say? Read the next paragraph. It’s really and extension of Advertising.

Discount offers. Most, if not all, of the restaurants in Clipper have discount offers. “Buy on Entrée and get another free” means the entrees are worth half of what they were charging in the first place. Could you imagine your dentist running a similar campaign? I was at a restaurant on Central Avenue in Scarsdale that was moderately full. I asked myself with this terrible food, how? Then I noticed nearly everyone there had ½ price coupons and kids (kids eat free).

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