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10" nonstick skillet/frying pan

John Francis | Jun 21, 201204:47 AM

My 10" nonstick skillet was losing its nonstick-ness - time to replace it. Going with a test review in Cooks Illustrated, which I've usually found reliable, I picked up the T-Fal Signature pan, partly because I was curious about that big red dot in the middle. And if it's good enough for Jamie Oliver, I suppose it should be good enough for me.

But maybe it isn't. After some online research, because T-Fal doesn't give the information in the packaging or promotion of its cookware, I found that the pattern in the red dot changes to solid red at 190° Celsius, which converts to 375° F. T-Fal says this is perfect for "sealing in the flavor of your food," but unless I'm searing some raw meat, which I wouldn't do in a nonstick pan anyway, it seems pretty hot.

Certainly it was too hot for the omelet I tried to make, without butter or oil, to test the pan's nonstick-ness. Not only did the eggs cook too fast, they stuck to the pan and had to be scraped off onto the plate as shapeless scrambled eggs. Same thing when I tried again, starting with a cold pan on a very low flame; as soon as the eggs started to harden, they clung to the pan and had to be scraped off.

So I guess I'm in the market again. Can anyone recommend a 10" skillet that's guaranteed nonstick and priced at no more than $30? I'm not inclined to pay much more for what in effect is disposable cookware.

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