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10 minute meals

jvanderh | May 26, 2011 09:02 AM

I haven't cooked in. . . well, let's not talk about that. I keep thinking that I don't have time to make a proper meal, so I might as well not try. I'm now willing to cook improper meals, since that's what I end up with anyway when I eat takeout 7 nights a week.

In the interest of being realistic, I am looking for meals that are really, really, really down and dirty. 10 minutes or less with slight or no prep done ahead, preferably cooked in one vessel, absolutely no more than two.

After reading a little, I think I could manage:

Short, skinny pasta cooked with peas and eggs in the same water
Eggs cooked in tomato sauce
Ground meat with pasta, both cooked in the sauce
Crepes with ricotta or cottage cheese
Spanish tortilla or frittata

I am curious whether anyone else cooks this way and has ideas. I am especially wondering whether anyone has cooked fish from raw & frozen in the microwave with sauce. I had a TV dinner like this yesterday for lunch, and it was shockingly non-disgusting. I'd also love to know whether there are any other meats that can be cooked this way without being disgusting.

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