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Re(1): is everyone here (except me) rich?-- continued


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Re(1): is everyone here (except me) rich?-- continued

yellow heart | Jun 24, 2005 12:25 PM

I don’t think its really a point about having money or not but if this list is about good food then let’s think about it for a minute –
Everyone knows that the French Laundry, Chez Panisse, Bay Wolf and the like have good food (hello??!)

I thought the point of being a chowhound was to point out the not so obvious (and I’m not talking about IKEAs meatballs, either – gross)
So in the hopes that this forum might turn to the more interesting side of the bay area I’m reposting this yummy (and cheap) little find ----

I just read the post by the guy wanting to know if everyone in the bay area was rich because all of the postings were about $$$ places. Heartbreaking --I’ve be asking myself the same thing. I just moved back to the BA from NYC and all of the cool cheap places I used to love apparently only live in my memory

I just wandered across this place – and it’s wonderful!!!
Its called Spazzino (and the food is still great despite that)
It’s on the corner of Valencia and 21st in SF
I totally recommend any dish that has ‘misto’ in the name – mixed veggies, mixed meats whatever it’s all good.
Here’s the story
We were walking down Valencia on evening feeling kinda hungry but not really in the mood for the yuppie scene. Checked out a half empty tapas place and was told by the snobbish waitress that there was a 2 hour wait (yeah right.) Continued our stroll and around 21st street there was the most incredible smells. We were confused, we looked around -- the only thing around was a whole foods store (closed), a funny looking cafeteria kind of restaurant, around the corner there was a pizza place (but when we looked in, our noses knew that wasn’t it.) So what then? We decided to have a drink and appetizer at the funny looking place, so we went in, sat down and order 2 glasses of the house Chianti and a mixed a appetizer plate – oh my god it was good!!! And huge!!! Almost enough for dinner, but by then we were being greedy so we ordered the mixed meat plate (which is really big enough for 2). Heaven!
Like I’ve said the place is not on the list for the beautiful people (in fact there's hardly ever a crowd) but don’t let it’s looks fool, you won’t leave disappointed.

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