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Re(1): Etiquette Question -- Pit Stop in Red Hook--moved here


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Re(1): Etiquette Question -- Pit Stop in Red Hook--moved here

Janie | Dec 18, 2004 05:05 PM

To answer your question, while I think it was definitely unappetizing and certainly startling to witness a puke scene in a restaurant, why you should get something free from it, makes little sense to me. It's not like the kid came and threw up on your table and your food. So, that being said, I think you should have gotten yourselves up immediately, and asked to be moved, and if there was an odor that had permeated your food somehow, then ask for replacements of whatever you ordered. It is not the staff's fault that the kid got sick, and it's very frightening for a parent when a kid just gets sick like that. I wonder if you have children, because your post reads like you don't, and have little patience for how difficult it is to always react the "proper" way at all times. Yes, one can head for the bathroom, but sometimes the kid can't get up, because they're afraid they're going to get sick on the way---What I will say, is that if I was sitting next to a couple and this happened, I would certainly apologize, if I ruined their meal--but I wouldn't feel obligated to buy them something. People get ill sometimes--you are in a public place--lots of things can happen in a restaurant--but don't expect the staff to come running to you first, they probably are going to run to the person in trouble first, and get your ownself up and move yourself, or tell the waiter you'd like a check your appetite is ruined--and go somewhere else. Just because you suffer through something doesn't mean you get a bottle of wine. That's your choice--and sometimes something like that can happen as unpleasant as it is, so no, I don't think you deserve compensation, nor do I think it's your responsibility to help the woman when she's there with a whole table of people to help her if she needs it....hope this clarifies things........

This happened to me a long time ago in a thai restaurant in Miami on 79th st causway, someone got suddenly very ill, started vomiting, then seemed to be having some kind of seizure or heart attack, then the lights went out, and then ems came--it was a weird scene--but the staff handled it as best as possible, went to all the tables and apologized for the scene--and everyone waited for the chaos to subside---and continued eating--luckily the person was much better when ems came---but it was a small cozy little restaurant, and you could tell the staff was very nervous, because maybe they thought something in the food triggered the attack, who knows? Yeah, it kinda freaked us out, and didn't exactly enhance our appetite, but it did give us something to talk about!

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