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1/2/11 Winsor Dim Sum Cafe-YAY!Thank you Boston CHs!

opinionatedchef | Jan 3, 201103:09 PM     15

well, thank you, CHs, for directing me here; finally made it the other day. Over the last year we have lost faith in the China Pearl in Woburn. and Mary Chung has a couple of stand outs but almost no seafood.

Winsor's options are far greater than either of the above places.
- I’m not shy about asking “what’s that you have in front of you?”
-****** Winsor has a photo menu!******* wow, so cooool!
As usual, we ordered many many plates and brought home lots of future lunches for the week.
The TOP experience was the Baked BBQ Pork Buns. The bun itself was the lightest i have tasted; the filling was delicious and clean, not fatty.. What made this experience the #1 (“Ichiban” in Japanese, btw) of the day was that our order came straight out of the oven. just our good fortune I guess, but what an epiphany! What is “#1” in Cantonese or Mandarin?

Mimicking the helpful neighboring family, we ordered both the delicious
--Rice Cake with Pork and Cabbage, and the
-- Noodles(thick chewy flour noodles, like udon ) with Pork and Cabbage
They had identical ‘sauces’, as we knew they would.While I adore udon noodles, i prefer the rice cakes because they’re much easier to eat. (for the uninitiated, the ‘rice cakes’ are actually oval slices of a rice noodle dough cylinder that starts out like a carrot before it is sliced into 1/4” thick slices on the diagonal.)
Other favs were the --
--shrimp and taro fritters (not on the photo menu, but on the table card)
--pan fried sticky rice// this was so interesting: a decomposed and reconstructed lotus leaf or banana leaf sticky rice packet: 2 four inch diamond shaped pieces consisting of a layer of sticky rice topped with chinese sausage and omelet, the rice side fried for crunchy/chewyness. While i love the composition, the flavor is a bit dull, so i like to dip it in a soy/red vinegar/chili mixture from the bottles on the table)
- yu choy?(green stalks) with oyster sauce
-- deep fried sesame balls filled with sweet black bean paste
- steamed chicken buns: simple chicken filling in a soft fluffy wonderbread bun.

i didn’t realize that the shimp and scallion and pork with peanut- steamed dumplings were made from rice flour dough (not my fav) so i would not order these again, though the fillings were neat.
while i adore deep fried eggplant sandwiches w/ shrimp filling, ours were unfortunately very greasy.
there were at least 20 or 30 items we did not try; next time!

Plse add your favs, particularly more greens (always a welcome addition to this carbo heavy experience!)

Winsor Dim Sum Cafe
10 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

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