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best/worst seat in the house (longish)


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best/worst seat in the house (longish)

el | Apr 18, 2006 11:39 AM

A general type question, let me set it up for you. 2 women, early 40's, professional, well groomed, stylish, go out to dinner together every Friday. Venues vary, from quick and easy, to very high end, whether having reservations, or not needing them, it almost never fails, we are almost always seated at the worst table in the restaurant. Inevitably, its become quite a joke with the 2 of us. Yes we always ask for a better table when they attempt to seat us. An example being last friday, a no reservation needed restaurant, we arrive fairly early, the resto is 3/4 empty, they sit us right by the main traffic lane, one chair actually backing out into the traffic, beside a table of 18. No one else close. of course we ask to be moved, and they do without batting an eye. As the resto fills, we notice that table is never seated...go figure was it just there for us? When i am out with my husband this never happens? When i have reservations, when I know the restaurant has predetermined the seating, this never happens, only when they choose the table when we arrive we have this problem. Has anyone else experienced this or are we just the luckiest 2 ladies on the block.

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