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What Were/Are Your Favorite Fresh Food Living Situations?


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What Were/Are Your Favorite Fresh Food Living Situations?

Passadumkeg | Jun 20, 2008 12:00 AM

I was reading the supermarket meat and chicken thread earlier this evening. In the middle of the night I started thinking how lucky I have been in the fresh food department most of my life.
As a kid, in central New Jersey, I hunted and fished all the time. Catching crabs and digging clams are fond summer memories. My dad's cousin had (and still has) a farm and we had free pick your rights for all crops. In college in Pa. 5 guys, who loved to hunt and fish, lived in an old farm house, were big Hemingway fans, and our freezer was stuffed w/ pheasant, deer and trout and we had a wonderful farmer's market. Viet Nam, a pass. New Mexico, elk, trout, crayfish and gathering pinon nuts, a Mormon food coop and a master's degree fueled on 100 lbs of pinto beans and 4 bushels of chiles (2 red & 2 green) fresh from the farm. Moved to Norway, lived on a small island, had a gill net, ate tons of fish and crabs, island lamb, made beer, wine and currant concentrate, picked berries and mushrooms and ate a lot of reindeer. Finland, more of the same with moose meat, salmon, herring, burbot roe and tons of self -picked mushrooms, dried in the sauna. Maine, Island life again,raised some little boys, worked summers as a sternman on a lobster boat, clammed, fished and hunted, ate tons of free crab, picked berries & mushrooms and started a big garden. Down to Bolivia! The trees in the yard gave us bananas, red mangoes, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines and the garden and open air market fresh fruits and veggies. Fished for piranahs and other fish and got fresh lambs and beef from our neighbor's ranch. Back to Maine and more of the same as earlier with the addition of a lot of deer meat. I worked 9 hours in our garden today with our wonderful 18 year old son (wife still has school) in preparation for a week's visit to my aged mother and a visit to the cousin's farm. My poor old bod is so sore I can't sleep, but life is good. :) What is your fresh food life and memories?

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