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Please help me w/dinner menu for 18 tomorrow.


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Please help me w/dinner menu for 18 tomorrow.

dinneronsundays | Aug 7, 2010 06:46 PM

Hi guys:

I am a new cook and I need your help with finetuning my menu and prep work and times for dinner tomorrow(Sunday). This will be for 18 people and I am on a strict budget. Dinner is to be served at 6p. The proposed menu is roast chicken, pasta al limone(spaghetti in lemon sauce), and sauteed spinach w/ raisins and almonds.

For roast chicken?
Are 3 chickens enough for 18? (They are about 7 lbs each)

I have rosemary, garlic, evoo, lemons, onions? What is the best way to get the most from these seasonings? Make a paste and put it inside the cavity, under the skin, outside the skin? Do I apply salt and pepper before or after applying the paste? Can I do this overnight?

At what temperature do I cook the chicken and for how long?

I have only one electric stove. When do I start and how many chickens do I roast together in order to finish by 5.30p

For spaghetti:

The recipe will be similar to this: http://www.oprah.com/food/Spaghetti-a...

How many pounds of spaghetti would be sufficient for 18 persons as a side dish?
Would I increase the quantities for the sauce in direct proportion to the number of pounds of pasta?

I only have the jarred parmesan cheese, is that good enough?

I do not have a microplane grater, what side of the 4-box grater can I use to get the most lemon zest or is there another way to get to the zest?

For the spinach:

I have 6 10 oz boxes of frozen chopped spinach. Is that enough for 18 people?

I'll be using garlic, raisins and almonds; how much garli and should it be minced or sliced? How much raisins? And for cost reasons, I'll be using almonds instead of pine nuts but I only have access to skin on dry roasted almonds; will these almonds work and how? chopped?

Finally, thanks in adavance for your responses. Any comment will be greatly appreciated. Despite my limited cooking experience and the budgetary and equipment constraints, I really, reaaly want this to work out well.

Yeah, and pray for me too!


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