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S/S cookware input please

akmike | Aug 26, 2012 08:10 PM

Greetings -

I have spent several hours searching this sight, taking notes, and following up on what I have read. I think I'm about ready to place an order for some cookware, but would appreciate some input from those of you who have more experience with the better (higher quality) cookware options.

I have not spent much money on cookware. I always figured it was disposable after a few years, and I'd just go buy whatever set happened to be near me at whatever chain store I happened to be in whilst the mood struck me. After a decade or better, I have accumulated a bunch of junk. I recently splurged a bit and bought my other half a Le Creuset sauce pan. She has several of their cast iron pieces, and really likes them, so I figured I'd buy her a nice pan. This has essentially ruined me. I now know why folks buy quality cookware. I then figured I'd just buy some more of the same LC stuff, but much to my dismay, their SS line is made in China. For various reasons I'd rather not get into, I would simply rather buy products that are not made in China, when it is practical to do that at any rate.

I really liked the look of the Demeyere stuff you see on the cooking channel. After checking into that stuff, and surviving the sticker shock, I then started looking at other cookware. I just can't fork over several thousand in cookware (and after I get everything we use, it will be a couple grand).

I like the idea of welded handles, but rivets are not a deal breaker. There are not many options for cookware with welded handles, sadly.

We tend to make large portions so that we can heat up 'left overs' during the week. We both work long hours, so that's just the way it is..... Having said that, I've come to appreciate drip free, or almost drip free pouring into a storage container. Funny how that was not an issue before, but now it is.

We do not have access to any stores to visit so that we can fondle the cookware. We live in a remote area. I have however handled some All Clad stuff and the one thing that I recall is just how much I hate the handles. I don't understand how they could even remotely consider them ergonomic. So All Clad is definitely not a contender.

I was then drawn to the SLT Industry 5 Demeyere line, but they don't seam to have very many options. I do like them though, at least by looking at them on the web.

I was also looking at the M'Cook line from Mauviel. A couple things that concern me with this line; 1) the handles look like they might be a bit uncomfortable. They look fairly thin and I'm wondering if they might bight into the palm??? 2) They look quite shiny and I can't help but wonder how difficult it would be difficult to keep them that way??

I also like the look of the SLT line of cookware, but they do not appear to have rolled edges. That pouring aspect again....

I think I've narrowed my choices down to the M'Cook stuff or the Demeyere line SLT sells. I may end up buying a few of the Atlantis line to augment, but then I'd have some shiny with some brushed. Not a big deal, but nonetheless, something to consider.

I have a budget of $1000 US to get a head start on this project of wholesaly cookware replacement. I'll buy more as we figure out what we want. I want to buy good quality stuff that will last a decade or better.

We use saucepans, so I'll buy a couple of those.
We use large saute pans quite a bit, so a couple of those will be needed.
We tend to use large stock pots for boiling pasta, potatoes, making soups, ect.
We don't fry much of anything, but occasionally we will use a 12" fry pan. Sometimes I'll cook an egg. But generally speaking, I do not allow any fried foods.

I might also add that my partner (not sure what to call a 8 year live in girlfriend) did spend a year at a cordon blue school in the UK, so there does not seam to be enough cookware on the planet for her to use when she makes a meal for guests. We have two cabinets and a hanging pot rack loaded with the stuff and she'll use most of it before the night's over.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom....


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