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So what did I do w/ that black truffle, you ask?

Carb Lover | Jan 23, 200601:38 AM

...Made a classic risotto (pictured below). In short, my first taste of truffle didn't disappoint. See link to my truffle query and helpful comments from hounds.

I didn't get around to using it til tonight, which meant it was in my fridge buried in the rice for a week. I didn't notice any depreciation of aroma or firmness and figured that the aging was infusing the rice to be used in my risotto.

I improvised the risotto, drawing upon other risotti I have made in the past. Classic prep of sweating diced onion in butter, adding one clove of minced garlic. Sauteed til softened but not browned and toasted about 2 c. rice in pan til fragrant. Poured in a little white wine til alcohol burned off. Started adding ladlefuls of light chicken broth and stirred away til nearly al dente. Finished w/ little heavy cream, good amount of grated parmigiano reggiano, S&P.

Tasted a shard of truffle on its own before adding to risotto. Took a little while to register any flavor, and even then, it wasn't that strong. Even though my expectations were tempered, I felt a bit letdown at this point. Truffle was finely chopped and then stirred in for the last few min. to bring out full potential and warm through. At table, grated some on top w/ a microplane. Because I wanted to really enjoy the truffle, I generously used about 3/4 of the full 3/4 oz. for 4 main course servings.

Fortunately, stirring it into the risotto w/ the other ingredients really brought the flavor and personality to life. A gentle earthy undertone streamed through the entire bowl of creamy rice, and the dominant character was of unsweetened chocolate. Married so nicely w/ the parmigiano and butter. The granules lent a soft bite to the dish.

While I didn't add sauteed diced pear like I had considered, I think it would have worked very well and would have added some texture and fruitiness w/o being discordant. Tiny bit of freshly grated nutmeg might be in order too. I can imagine these truffles working so well w/ soft curds of scrambled egg or fresh pasta. I may have to buy some more for round two...

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