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what do you make/bake in custard cups?


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what do you make/bake in custard cups?

Gooseberry | Jul 9, 2008 02:38 PM

My mother got me a set of beautiful, transparent glass cups. I said thank you, and then asked, "Erm, what are they for?". She made a flapping motion with her hand and said, "No idea. But aren't they pretty?".Finallythis week I came across a very similar picture on a website, and now I know they are called... custard cups! They hold about half a cup each in fluid volume, have slightly slanted sides, and through experimentation, they seem to be ovenproof.

So far, I've made homemade jelly (U.S. jello, fruit puree set with gelatine), maple syrup creme caramel, served home made ice cream balls in them, and home made vanilla pudding. What else can I make in them? I want ideas for single-serving desserts. I usually make them when we have company over for a casual week-night supper, so something I can do the day before or in the hour ahead of dinner would be ideal. Maybe some kind of serve-it-warm sponge pudding with fruit? Extra points for desserts that complement Asian meals, since I cook quite a lot of Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese.

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