Our Favorite Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Once you peel and dice up the butternut squash, this is a quick weeknight dinner recipe that could take 30 minutes or less. The squash serves as the main filler inside your corn tortillas, accompanied by small diced onion, crumbled queso fresco, and pickled jalapenos. You have the option of using whichever spice you already have in your spice drawer/rack/cabinet: ancho powder, chili powder, or chipotle powder. You cook the squash in the spice and vetable broth until the orange cubes are knife-tender, and then compile you tacos. If you want to add more toppings, go for it.

As prepared here, the squash is flavorful enough to stand on its own as a side dish with Latin flair, but we prefer to layer it in tortillas with cheese, pickled jalapeños, and any other taco toppings we can get our hands on.... Read More