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Our Favorite Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

We've all heard of black beans as a hearty, healthy stand-in for the traditional beef hamburger, but black-eyed peas can do the same thing in their own way. The can of black-eyed peas do their thing along with cremini mushrooms too, though. Together, the pair provide moisture and natural flavor to the patty. Oh, and many other ingredients add flavor too, from the cilantro leaves and scallions to the Tobasco sauce and tamari, which is a type of soy sauce that's thicker and richer.

A veggie burger shouldn’t taste like a science experiment gone wrong. Mushrooms and black-eyed peas give these vegan burgers the right moisture and density, plus bold natural flavors. Top your burger with ketchup, vegan mayonnaise, caramelized onions, sliced tomatoes, or dill pickles.... Read More

Recipes for Hearty Vegan Dinners