The Most Delicious Sandwich Recipes of All Time

Pork doesn't have the exclusive rights to pulled meat goodness, now does it? No! Chicken gets some lovin' in that succulent pulled-pork way in this sandwich. For this recipe, you mix your rub spices, rub the chicken thighs, and brown them in a pan first. Then you whip out your slow cooker to marinate the chicken in that delicious jerk sauce made with molasses, orange juice, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, scallions, a Scotch bonnet pepper, and other tantalizing spices. Shred, remove the icky parts, and mix back in with the warming leftover jerk sauce.

Jerk chicken normally gets marinaded forever and a day and then grilled up quickly. Here we throw it in the slow cooker so it marinates while it cooks, killing two culinary birds with one stone.... Read More