The Most Delicious Sandwich Recipes of All Time

Maybe you've heard of that Southern technique for cooking steak, called chicken-fried steak. You pound that meat thin, coat it in herby bread crumbs, and fry it in a shallow layer of oil in a frying pan. Well, this technique works on actual chicken too. Go figure. These crispy chicken breasts are served hoagie-style, with shredded lettuce, mayo, and quick-pickled sweet peppers. You better start pickling those peppers — baby bell peppers, Cubanelles, or banana peppers — a day beforehand, so that they have time to get, uh, pickled.

Chicken-frying isn’t just for steak. This Southern tradition of shallow pan frying thinly pounded cuts of meat coated in seasoned flour (as opposed to deep frying whole pieces) works just as well with chicken or pork.... Read More