Thanksgiving Pie and Tart Recipes

There are certain dishes you simply must serve on Thanksgiving. Turkey, obviously, or a vegetarian turkey equivalent. Stuffing or dressing with plenty of fall herbs, mashed potatoes, gravy. Perhaps a hearty fall soup to start, and if you're feeling ambitious, an autumnal cocktail offering would make guests extra grateful. And after everything else has been gobbled up, of course, there has to be dessert. We've got your traditional pumpkin and pecan pies covered here, but if you want to make this Nutella Chocolate Cheesecake instead, no one will be disappointed (although making multiple desserts is always safest, and more fun). The press-in crust is composed of crushed hazelnuts and chocolate wafers, and the filling is a rich, smooth, luscious combination of cream cheese and Nutella ganache for an indulgent end to your feast.