Get Your Tater Tot On: 11 Tater Tot Recipes

Tater tots? The noble cousin of the French fry, the tater tot is a potato-based snack you shouldn’t underestimate. Easy to buy frozen they are a quick and simple way to take your snack game to the next level. Check out our gallery for 11 tater tot recipes that are as fast and easy-to-follow as they are tasty. This is the basis for all tater tots: russet potatoes, a little flour, salt, and canola oil for frying are all the ingredients that you’ll need. You can even make these in bulk and freeze the tots, heating them up at 400 degrees in the oven for a quick snack.

Who can resist fried potatoes? Eat just one french fry, hash brown, potato chip, latke, or bit of simple potato salad, and the next thing you know you’ve inhaled a man-size serving. Potato tots, with their piping hot, fluffy interior capped in a crunchy fried layer, are no exception.... Read More