Sweet Treats for Your Easter Basket

A riff off those Pixy Stix you might remember from childhood, these homemade versions can have endless variations. This fun candy straw recipe has a sour, citrusy Japanese twist, based on the yuzu fruit. The Japanese fruit kinda looks like a lemon, but it's a little less tart and has less juice. The juice can combat colds, warm the body, relax you, and stimulate blood flow. Its aromatic rind is used in perfumes, lotions, and soaps. To make Yuzu Trixy Stix, you need three things: sugar, yuzu juice, and 8-inch paper straws.

Yuzu is a small, intensely sour fruit used widely in Japanese cuisine, with a flavor somewhere between a grapefruit and a mandarin orange. It has become popular with bartenders and pastry chefs here for its unique tang, which gives these Trixy Stix a nice punch of flavor.... Read More