Sweet Treats for Your Easter Basket

Truffles may be a little high-end for an Easter basket, but you gotta train your kids young, or they'll never know what real quality tastes like. In these orange marmalade truffles, chocolate ganache is dotted with chewy bits of orange marmalade and rolled in cocoa powder. You can make these a couple days in advance, but unlike wine, cheese, soup, and salsa, the truffles don't get better with age. The orange marmalade loses a bit of flavor each day. If you're worried about the orange liqueur, you can substitute unsweetened orange juice concentrate, orange juice, or orange zest.

These truffles are refreshingly simple: Just melt chocolate with cream, stir in all things orangy, let the chocolate set up, and roll into petite bites. Serve them to your sweetie for brownie points, or as a stellar finishing touch at your next cocktail party.... Read More