Sweet Treats for Your Easter Basket

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A blessing to sweet tooths with no portion control worldwide, cake pops have been a thing in the dessert world for awhile. Well, your child's Easter basket can hop (see what we did there?) in on the nonfrozen-dessert-on-a-stick movement. You get to personalize your little cake lollipops, which are the size of ping pong balls, so in this case it would be for Easter. You can even use boxed cake mix, and no one will blink an eye because you'll be spending time on getting the candy melts, sanding sugar, and lollipop sticks, all items typically not found in regular supermarkets.

Part lollipop and part cupcake, cake pops are a fun, portable dessert that’s a clever gift or party favor at bridal or baby showers and children’s parties. They’re also a great way to use up leftover cake scraps and frosting.... Read More