Super Bowl Food That Won't Clog Your Arteries

Ranch and blue cheese dip wait for their wings deep fried and shining with oil. Potato chips nudge the sour cream and French onion dip while a plate of nachos weighs heavy with melted cheddar, so much that you can't see the chips. Is this what Super Bowl food means? Greasy, cheesy, fried foods aren't required for an awesome game day spread. Fantastic finger food and communal munchies, yes. You can satisfy your crunchy, creamy, spicy, and meaty cravings without stuffing your gullet with food that gets you to that big finish line (of life) faster. Add a few years to your run and go long. Start with this healthy spiced black bean hummus recipe. It's like a fusion of black bean dip and hummus. Eat it with baked pita chips if you mean business. For more Super Bowl recipes and other advice and tips, check out our Super Bowl headquarters!