9 Salmon Recipes Perfect for Summer

With the availability of fresh and frozen salmon year round, it’s easy to overlook the fact that there is actually a peak season for one of our favorite, most versatile fishes. Well good news for all you salmon fans - we’re in the midst of salmon season (which, depending on species, usually runs from late May until early Fall). During salmon season, wild caught varieties will be at their freshest, so now’s the best time to head down to your grocery store or local fishmonger and try out one of our nine recipes below.

Since it’s already grill season, it’s only natural to want to throw anything on the open flame outdoors (and avoid having the kitchen heat up the rest of the house). Our recipe for salmon burgers is the perfect alternative for people looking for non-beef or poultry based option.

Who doesn’t love a great burger? But if you’re looking to avoid red meat, this juicy, fresh grilled salmon burger is easy to make and just as hearty as its beef counterpart.... Read More