11 Salad Recipes to Savor All Summer

While summer might be the perfect time for grilling, the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables also makes it a great time for a healthy salad. And just because you’re having a salad doesn’t mean that it has to be the bagged lettuce variety - just check out one of the 11 recipes below for some healthy alternatives to your standard green salad. They’re all filling enough for a weeknight meal and can be made without heating up the oven (although a few will utilize the grill).

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Hard to pronounce, easy to make, Nicoise Salad is a summer staple from the Provence region of France that features tuna, eggs, olives, potatoes, green beans and tomatoes along with a fresh made vinaigrette

Nothing says summer in the French Riviera like a niçoise salad. But what if you can’t see the pastel coastline or feel the warm ocean breeze on your brow? Then simply take your salad outdoors, sit under an umbrella, and sip a crisp Provençal white wine. Dreamers always have more fun.... Read More

Delicious Side Salad Recipes