St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Even though apples and cheese don't come to mind as a likely pairing quite as ubiquitiously as peanut butter and jelly do, they are a great couple that many of us know and love. The pairing is especially great when it's with Irish cheddar such as Dubliner or Kerrygold, tart Granny Smith green apples, and fresh sage baked into a savory quick bread. It takes 45 to 50 minutes to bake, but that cooking time is sliced in half when you make this recipe in a 12-piece muffin pan instead.

This easy quick bread recipe was inspired by my childhood snack of cheese and apples. It bakes up with lots of cheesy pockets, moist apples, and a little bit of sage to round out the flavors. Serve a slice with a bowl of Celery Root Soup or toasted with butter as part of a weekend brunch.... Read More