Best Ways to Sneak (or Just Carry) Alcohol Anywhere

Once upon a time, alcohol wasn't a kazillion dollars at public events. Today, it is. We have solutions. Maybe you need to smuggle some liquor into the baseball game or safely take some wine along with your other picnic supplies to the outdoor concert. Check out our ideas for the adult drink of your choice. Why cart around a glass bottle (or three) of wine when you can bring it in a cooler with the beer? Try wine in a can! It's the latest thing, possibly even more convenient than boxed wine, which isn't all bad either. Even Trader Joe's came out with a line of affordable canned wine. NV House Wine from Hal Landvoigt's Original House Wine winery in Walla Walla, Washington, is a bright, crisp rosé with juicy citrus and ripe strawberry notes ideal for spring and summer. Toss a six-pack into your cooler and head to the beach, pool, or barbecue party. Price: $35.97. Check out our picnic page for more on-the-go drinking and dining ideas.