Best Snapchat Accounts for Food Fiends

SORTEDfood is a global movement of over a million people who share a passion for food, friends, and laughter. From absolute cooking beginners to kitchen pros, SORTEDfood is the place to learn how to cook your way, share inspiration around recipes, and have a laugh with friends all around the world. Started in 2009 in Hertfordshire, England, SORTEDfood came to life with a group of old school friends who would meet in the pub. They were eating horrible microwave meals back then, but eventually, they started to share basic cooking skills and recipe ideas with each other on the back of beer mats in the pub. Following some successful meals and sporting much improved diets, they set about sharing their newfound skills with their wider group of friends and other people in similar situations. Now there are more than a million people worldwide participating in the conversation.