Snacks for Your Desk Drawer to Keep Your Day Going

Be considerate of your office mates' nerves by not crunching loudly on regular hard pretzels at your desk whenever hunger strikes. Make a batch of our easy soft pretzel bites, and bring some mustard too for your drawer. That won't go bad either. You should probably eat the pretzel bites within a few days though. It's not like an MRE (meals ready to eat) or anything. And we're thankful for that fresh-baked taste and texture that can send satisfaction to your workday craving.

Chewy-soft, gorgeously browned, and topped with crunchy salt, these pretzel bites are the perfect coffee-table nibble for watching the game or as the opening salvo in an Oktoberfest party. You begin by making a straightforward yeast dough and letting it rise.... Read More