Easter Side Dishes Perfect to Pair with Lamb

Roasted baby carrots is the obvious answer to what to pair with lamb at your Easter dinner. But it must be said, or we'd be remiss. There are many ways to roast and glaze a carrot, whether maple, brown sugar, herbs or this way: with butter, mustard, and herbs. Roasting carrots draws out their natural sweetness, so we think contrasting that with coarse-grained mustard is the way to go. Buy the whole carrots with leaves and don't completely cut off the tops. That will lend this dish a rustic, earthy style which adds sophistication to a simple recipe. You can choose which fresh herbs to use, from dill, flat-leaf parsley, and chives to chervil or tarragon.

Why are baby carrots so often served in a sugary glaze when roasting brings out their natural sweetness? A quick turn in a hot oven and a toss in coarse-grained mustard butter and fresh herbs is all they need.... Read More