Easter Side Dishes Perfect to Pair with Lamb

Lamb calls for a carby side, whether it's rice, potatoes, or just bread. Why not potato salad, but a different version from than the usual summer picnic variety? This is riff on traditional potato salad using 2 pounds of red or white new potatoes. Instead of mayonnaise, this calls for sour cream. The recipe enables you to take advantage of spring's fresh peas, which you can shell youself, or if you can't find them, you can resort to frozen baby peas. But you do need the fresh mint. And bacon (duh).

This potato salad strays from the mayo-based classic but is just as creamy and flavorful. First, cook the bacon until brown and crispy; then sauté the shallots in the bacon fat. Add some peas and mix everything together with boiled new potatoes, sour cream, a touch of heavy cream, and mint.... Read More