Side Dish Recipes for Spring Vegetables

Broccoli is another spring vegetable, but not one we automatically think of. The cruciferous vegetable is known for its nutritious benefits and versatility in cooking. This casserole calls for 20 ounces of broccoli crowns, which are pureed with your homemade Parmesan sauce. That sauce includes onion, whole milk, flour, egg yolks, and a lovely 2 1/2 cups of hand-grated Parmesan. Egg whites and cream of tartar are whisked in a stand-up mixer until stiff peaks form, then folded into the broccoli Parmesan mix. Baked until golden brown, this casserole has an airy, souffle-like texture.

This casserole fools you. The handsomely browned top doesn’t suggest that, inside, it’s a very sophisticated melding of Parmesan cheese richness with subtle broccoli flavor, in a fluffy, soufflélike, lighter-than-air package.... Read More