The Best Shrimp Recipes

One of the most widely known items on dim sum menus, Cantonese har gow dumplings are also commonly known as xia jiao. The dumpling dough is almost translucent, stretching delicately over bamboo shoots and chopped-up shrimp, enhanced by bacon fat. You'll need parchment paper to help fold the dumplings into a purse or empanada shape, sealed by pressing the tines of a fork around the edges. The classic recipe calls for steaming the har gow dumplings, so it helps to have a classic wooden dumpling steamer and a wok, but it's not essential.

These light, fresh-tasting har gow, adapted from Asian Dumplings, are surprisingly easy to master, especially if you use the simple fold-over method. Game plan: Make a batch of Har Gow Dumpling Dough and Chile Garlic Sauce before you begin.... Read More