The Best Shrimp Recipes

As much as we love a savory pork, beef, or chicken taco, shrimp can fill our craving for something a little lighter, a little more tropical. Try to purchase wild-caught shrimp, as local as possible, to avoid toxins, antibiotics, and hormones. If you can't grill them outdoors because of the weather, use an indoor grill or simply sauté your shrimp. For these smoky grilled shrimp tacos topped with a fresh avocado-corn-tomato salsa, the hardest part — if you can even call it hard — is shucking, slicing, and dicing the ingredients for the salsa.

Fast and easy grilled shrimp make a lighter alternative to meaty taco fillings. Toss them quickly in spicy chipotle powder, cumin, and lime juice, then grill to develop a flavorful char.... Read More