Rooftop Hives Are Buzzing in Boston

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The Back Bay boutique hotel is home to five rooftop beehives with 250,000 bees, tenderly tended to by expert beekeeper Dean Stiglitz. The hotel's City Table restaurant features the rooftop honey in two popular cocktails, including the Colonel's Choice (Maker's Mark Bourbon, Calvados Brandy, rooftop honey, Combier, and ginger ale) and the Mexican Monk (tequila, Chartreuse, lemon, black pepper, rooftop honey). And the honey is also featured in the Charcuterie and Cheese dish (cured meats, artisanal cheeses, rooftop honey, pickled vegetables, toast), the Simple Greens salad (baby lettuce, shaved fennel, roasted cherry tomatoes, rooftop honey vinaigrette), and the Broiled Grapefruit.