Plan the Perfect Passover with These Dishes

This tender, mouthwatering, flavorful brisket is what you crave at a Passover dinner. So why not create the object of your affection? Brisket is a favorite for festive Jewish dinners partly because it's a large cut of meat meant for a larger group, it's implicitly kosher as it is cut from the front of the animal, and it takes hours to cook. This isn't your bubbe's recipe, but you can start the tradition. This is a paprika-rubbed brisket slow-cooked with tomatoes, onion, and rosemary. And it's good. Another reason to celebrate.

A classic Jewish staple, brisket is slow-cooked for optimum tenderness and flavor. Here the meat is first coated with a Hungarian paprika rub, then slow-cooked with tomatoes, onion, and rosemary. The addition of brown sugar and vinegar lends a sweet-savory balance to the deep, meaty flavor.... Read More