Recipes for Hearty Vegan Dinners

• You can think of Texas Caviar as a bean and vegetable salad. Serve it with your favorite corn tortilla chips or over rice. If you are a believer in the "eat the rainbow" mentality (eating colorful food is a fun way to eat healthy and ensure you get the most nutrition), then this is a meal for you. Anchored by black-eyed peas, there are also bell peppers, tomatoes, roasted corn, cilantro, and pickled jalapeños. Black-eyed peas are really beans, but peas and beans are both legumes.

With as many variations as salsa, Texas Caviar is a classic dip in the Lone Star State. To some, it’s not complete without a good dousing of bottled Italian dressing, but we forgo that and let the pickled jalapeños, roasted corn, and fresh dressing do the talking.... Read More