Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

No need to go to that ready-made boxed stuff for some quick and soul-satisfying classic macaroni and cheese. This versatile macaroni and cheese made with sharp cheddar comes from the Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, California. It can be served creamy and straight from the stovetop, or if you have more time and the inclination, you can bake it for an additional half hour to get the top crunchy, sprinkled with panko breadcrumbs. You even have time to make a béchamel sauce. Use extra sharp cheddar for this recipe, and already super assertive Pecorino Romano to get a really cheesy taste. You can throw in peas and cubed ham if you want to make the dish more well-rounded.

This homemade macaroni and cheese recipe comes from Homeroom in Oakland, California, a restaurant that specializes in one thing: mac ‘n’ cheese. Owners Erin Wade and Allison Arevalo serve the dish in a multitude of creative combos, but this is their classic version, made with sharp cheddar.... Read More