Picnic Supplies You Need For Those Sun-Drenched Days to Come

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If you don't live near the equator, you've been waiting for warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors without wearing half your closet. Spring is the start of picnic season, and you've got to have the gear. Even if there will be seating at your outdoor oasis, bring blankets large enough for sitting and eating. About 9 square feet per person is comfortable enough for friends and family to stretch out their full bellies, according to the Portland Picnic Society's The Picnic: Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket book. We think that's a pretty generous size, so don't fret if you have less room. Don't bring any blankets that are dear to you, because spills and stains are likely. You might want to bring a vinyl-covered tablecloth or camping tarp if the grass could be wet, although we've included some great blankets in this list that have waterproof backing. For more tips, check out our Ultimate Guide to Picnicking.