It's Not an Oxymoron: Sophisticated Slow Cooker Recipes

Duck confit, bacon compote, Burmese chicken, and quinoa-stuffed peppers: These are not dishes that make you think of down-home grub or kiddie food. Elegant, exotic, and surprising meals can be made from that plug-in appliance. Often it's a Crock-Pot. The brand name may be so recognizable that it's used interchangeably with the generic term (like Kleenex for tissues), but that means the cooking tool is something anyone can use. When everyone can do something, it ceases to be sophisticated. But not if you have the right recipe, like these. Poached salmon with a creamy, lemony herb sauce is not a fast-food item; in this case, we're talking both senses of the phrase. It's easy too. Shhhh.