Nut-Free Toppings That Add Crunch to Your Salad

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Everyone knows that adding crunchy toppings to a salad can take your bowl from meh to mouthwatering—and nuts are a popular choice for doing that. But what happens if you’re allergic and even the tiniest trace on the table sends you running for an EpiPen? Fear not, there are tons of nut-free crunchy options that you can choose instead. (And we’re not just talking about crunchy veggies and fruits like cucumbers, radishes, or apples.) Sunflower seeds may evoke memories of Little League games and baseball outings, but they are a serious home run when added to salads. Even better, now that they’re more readily available shelled, you don’t even have to work to chow down on them. As an additional bonus, these little guys are a great source of vitamin E, which can act as an antioxidant. Pair with: Chicken Taco Salad. You won’t miss Mexican takeout when you put together this chicken taco salad. Cumin dressing provides just enough kick to a salad that has all the classic taco fixings. Get the recipe. Read ahead for more ways to mix up the textures on your plate—without the hives. - Kelsey Butler