Meatloaf Recipes That Are Better Than Your Mom's

Mom's meatloaf may have seemed great when you were a kid, but now you can do better. Yes, we said it. That's especially true if your mom's meatloaf had a ketchup "sauce" on top. (Sorry, Mom ... love you!) A huge hunk of cooked ground meat molded into bread-loaf shape might sound weird and unappetizing to those who didn't grow up with this comfort food delicacy. But we're not talking to you haters. Well, maybe we are. Whether or not you were a fan already, you'll love these ideas of how to transform a loaf of meat into (almost) a five-star, tablecloth-with-candles kind of dinner. This version inspired by "The Essential New York Times Cookbook" by Amanda Hesser incorporates spinach, yes, but also blends parsley and celery with milk before adding it to the meat mixture. And there's bacon. The end.