Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: For the Meat-Obsessed

As a cook who relies heavily on intuition, I always felt instant-read thermometers were a bit fussy and let my pride get in the way of using one. But I’m here to tell you this thing is incredible and so, so worth the money. Originally I bought it as a gift for my husband when he was starting to get more into grilling but secretly was excited to try it too. Both of us, and I’m sure lots of other folks, have been guilty of pulling something too soon, or too late, from the grill, pan, or oven. This beauty really does read the temperature in an instant, and it’s fascinating (not to mention educational) to see the temperature change as the probe goes in further to whatever you’re checking. Obviously great for the grill, where every second counts, but I’ve used it for countless roasted chickens (they can be tricky buggers!), steaks I’m searing on the stovetop, and even for sweets—temping jams and jellies, custards, and caramels.