Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: For the Meat-Obsessed

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With cooler temps drawing closer, you’d be forgiven for thinking the season for meat-obsessives is winding down. After all, it’s always felt like summer is the time to invest in new meat gear, what with 4th of July, Father’s Day, and all manner of BBQs and cookouts. But this just isn’t true. There’s a whole world of indoor meat adventures to be had, whether it’s through the joy of smoking meats low and slow outside while you cozy up inside by the fire, or the weekend project of making your own charcuterie (best enjoyed by that same fire, incidentally).

Use the following guide to inspire the meat-lover in your life to try something new. Price points range from “housewarming gift for your college friend” to “symbol of long-term commitment and mutual love of all things pork.”

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