Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick's Day

Originally brewed in the British Isles, stout is a dark beer usually dark brown to black in color. This quickbread recipe would be a great bread to accompany eggs, sausages, and other traditional Irish breakfast components. Stouts tend to have a strong roasted malt flavor that often tastes of coffee, bittersweet chocolate or caramel, according to beertutor.com. This style of beer has a low sweetness and higher bitterness, making it a good contrast to the ginger, sugar, and molasses already in the gingerbread.

This tube cake gingerbread is the creation of my friend Rick Rodgers. Once while he was visiting food writer Bruce Aidells, who is a beer aficionado, they wondered how the intense flavor of stout, the Cabernet Sauvignon of beers, would work as the liquid in a gingerbread.... Read More