Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick's Day

Cheese and apples are a great combination. Put it in bread, and you've got a heartier loaf on your hands. Irish cheddar is a smooth cow's milk cheese with a firm body, sometimes milder than American cheddar and usually a natural creamy white color rather than dyed yellow-orange. A common brand is Dubliner or KerryGold cheddar, which is actually made in County Cork in the Republic of Ireland and combines the taste of cheddar with the crumbly bite of Parmesan. Tart Granny Smith apples are a great contrast to the cheddar, and fresh sage rounds it out. You can cut the baking time by 20 or more minutes by making this recipe as muffins instead of bread.

This easy quick bread recipe was inspired by my childhood snack of cheese and apples. It bakes up with lots of cheesy pockets, moist apples, and a little bit of sage to round out the flavors. Serve a slice with a bowl of Celery Root Soup or toasted with butter as part of a weekend brunch.... Read More