How to Use Up Heavy Cream

How could we not include ice cream in our list of ways to use heavy cream? I mean, come on. It would be criminal to exclude this caramel ice cream, which so qualifies. The recipe asks for 2 cups of heavy cream, after all. And there are 8 large egg yolks to add to this cool, creamy, sweet richness. Making caramel from scratch is a cool process because it just involves sugar and water and a saucepan. After cooling down the ice cream base, you'll need to chill it completely in the refrigerator, most likely overnight or more than three hours at least. Then you freeze it in your ice cream maker. The ice cream will keep in the freezer for one week, but try let it last that long. We dare you.

Defining the perfect caramel ice cream is tough: Some people like it very sweet, others like it salty, some prefer burnt, and still others want just a hint of caramel. We’re fans of salted caramel ice cream, but we didn’t want the salt to overwhelm the caramel here.... Read More