Healthy Takes on Traditional Hanukkah Dishes

How do you make a Jewish holiday focused on the miracle of menorah oil healthier? With some creativity, it's possible. Sometimes you can bake instead of fry, or use less oil. Other times you can swap out healthier ingredients. Using less or no sugar, whole grains, and lower-fat versions of dairy are other ways. These latkes are definitely lower carb and more nutritious by using shredded carrots and zucchini instead of white potatoes. But they still fry in a pan filled with a lot of oil, so there's that. But you can top these with yogurt instead of sour cream, which is not only healthier, it goes better with the Indian-spiced theme. And if sugar and fat aren't that much of a concern besides how much better they make your food taste (or you're great at eating moderate servings), get some more of our Hanukkah recipes.